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Spray-able electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding material

NAMICS has developed a spray-able material with high shielding capability to replace the need to use sputtering equipment for high volume manufacturing requires high capital investment cost and slow production speeds.  This material offers a thin, uniform coating on both the top and side walls of the package to both molded and copper surfaces.  The formulation offers excellent work-ability with long, stable work life (over 24 hours) and different spray technologies.

NAMICS EMI shielding technology provides a simplified process with easy production and maximum design flexibility offering excellent adhesion strength and high shielding at very thin coatings (less than 5 um).


  • XH9493-50 is a thermosetting EMI shielding paste with high shielding capability.
  • Customization is possible to accommodate various spray equipment and applications.
  • Please contact us to arrange for samples designed for your equipment and application.

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NAMICS latest generation of reworkable underfill

Does your BGA or CSP need a underfill with reworkablity and reliability?  Come visit us at booth #213 at the IMAPS 2018 in Pasadena this week to learn about our latest generation of reworkable underfills.  These materials protect temperature sensitive components because they offer high flow rate at room temperature and low temperature cure (as low as 80C).

Flow at room temperature

NAMICS reworkable underfill offer unmatched reliability due to precisely control of filler content and state of the art resin system.  End result is the perfect balance of reliability and reworkability.  These underfills offer outstanding performance in thermal cycling and thermal shock, drop test and other demanding requirements for the most challenging applications.

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