stretchable materials for wearable & flexible hybrid electronics (FHE)

NAMICS has developed the next generation of stretchable materials for circuitry and heating on flexible substrates with excellent reliability.  These materials offer stable performance over repeated elongation with outstanding durable utilizing standard manufacturing process for ease of use. Below is a summary of our leading materials:

Conductive inks for electronic traces:






  • High stretchable properties with low resistivity
  • Excellent durability capable of multiple wash cycles
  • Stable through repeated elongation
  • Flexible design pattern

Carbon inks for heater applications

  • Temperature controlled by electrode design, resistivity of heater & voltage
  • Thin and flexible design
  • Ability to run at low power

Stretchable dielectric encapsulant

  • Improve reliability
  • Screen print over conductive
  • High insulation and flexibility

Stretchable conductive adhesive for component attach:

  • Capable of low-temperature curing (80⁰C)
  • Superior flexibility due to low elastic modulus
  • Designed for component mounting on flexible and/or stretchable substrate