stretchable printed electronics

There are no boundaries on the possibilities for our latest generation of stretchable inks and paste. Whether you are developing innovative functional vehicle interior and exterior surfaces, high performance “smart” uniforms for military and first-responders, or cutting edge wireless sensors for medical patient and athletes, NAMICS will provide your company with the solutions that carry your ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace.


NAMICS’ novel stretchable inks and paste provide designers and engineers the freedom to develop the next generation of in-mold electronics (IME), advanced flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), or smart fabrics with unmatched reliability and cutting-edge technology.  

Product Overview

Stretchable Conductive designed to create circuit line for signals and electric power

  • Low resistivity due to Ag filling
  • High stretch and flexibility
  • Compatible to variety of substrates such as:
    • Thermoplastic urethanes (TPU)
    • Polyester elastomer
    • Thermoplastic polyolefins
  • Wide process window

Stretchable Carbon designed to:

  • Create circuit line for signals and electric power
  • Provide protection for silver based conductive
  • Used as PTC (Positive Temperature Control) heater


  • Excellent stretch properties
  • High thickness to reduce resistance
  • Carbon based offer smooth surface

Stretchable Encapsulant designed to improve reliability of conductors:

  • Screen print over conductive to add water proof protective layer.
  • High insulation and high flexibility
  • Compatible with both silver and carbon based conductors
  • Also used for crossover layer

Stretchable Bonding Adhesive designed to connect components to circuits on flexible substrates:

  • Syringe dispense for ease application
  • High adhesion strength and flexibility
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Low temperature curing, less than 100⁰C


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