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NAMICS latest generation of reworkable underfill

Does your BGA or CSP need a underfill with reworkablity and reliability?  Come visit us at booth #213 at the IMAPS 2018 in Pasadena this week to learn about our latest generation of reworkable underfills.  These materials protect temperature sensitive components because they offer high flow rate at room temperature and low temperature cure (as low as 80C).

Flow at room temperature

NAMICS reworkable underfill offer unmatched reliability due to precisely control of filler content and state of the art resin system.  End result is the perfect balance of reliability and reworkability.  These underfills offer outstanding performance in thermal cycling and thermal shock, drop test and other demanding requirements for the most challenging applications.

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insulating products

Protect your connections
NAMICS is proud to be the world’s biggest supplier of underfills—insulating materials used in the flip-chip microchip mounting process. Underfill flows into and fills the gaps between chips and the surfaces to which they are mounted by conductive connections (“bumps”).

Cover all your gaps
NAMICS formulates a diverse line of underfills, each specially synthesized for the demands of today’s advanced packaging technologies: underfills for use with lead-free solder and copper-pillar (Cu pillar) bumps; high-thermal-conductive underfills; pressure-cure-oven and vacuum-assisted capillary underfills for stacked (3D) packaging; and ultra-fine-filler underfills with outstanding flow properties for jet dispensing into very narrow gaps.

Avoid the voids
Boasting outstanding rheology and unrivaled resistance to warpage, our underfills prevent the birth of bubbles (“voids”) and provide excellent stress protection to deliver the highest reliability, even in the most demanding applications.

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