conductive materials

Solder replacement
NAMICS® offers a wide range of products for use as a solder replacement in microchip mounting. They are well suited for a variety of mounting methods, such as flip-chip packaging and multiple types of surface-mount packaging, and they can be found in many technologies, including LEDs, laser diodes, microwave-frequency integrated circuits, and processors.

Industry leader
Depending on your specific needs, our die-attach product line can be produced as electrically conductive or insulating pastes, used with a broad range of die (chip) sizes and substrates (mounting surfaces), and formulated to achieve various characteristics, such as transparency or light resistance.

Greener & better
Designed for outstanding manufacturability, our die-attach adhesives marry exceptional quality to environmental friendliness. We will formulate them for the specific needs of your high-tech device, so you can keep pushing the envelope.