EMI shielding

Replace the need for sputtering equipment with NAMICS EMI shielding technology.  This technology offers a lower-cost solution with improve design flexibility.  It is easy to apply thin, uniform coatings to both the top and sidewalls of overmold parts utilizing utilizing standard spray coating equipment.  NAMICS EMI shielding technology provides a simplified process with easy production and maximum design flexibility offering excellent adhesion strength and high shielding at very thin coatings (less than 5 um).


The coating is cured at 200 deg.C for 20 minutes and has a shielding effect of 70 dB with a film thickness of 5 um or less. Also, by optimizing spray conditions, it is possible to form a very uniform coating on both the top and side surfaces.

The formulation has been optimized for long, stable work life of 24 hours or more and excellent workability without utilizing a stirring device.

In addition, customization is possible to accommodate various types of spray equipment and application conditions. Please contact us to consult with you and to provide samples designed for your application.