low-temperature pressureless sintering

With the demand for high-power electronics rapidly increasing, there is an ever-growing need for high-thermal-conductivity adhesives that meet RoHs requirements. NAMICS has developed a pressure-less, low-temperature sintering silver using our priority MO Technology with resin reinforcement and low-modulus technology. The combination of these novel technologies results in a durable die-attach material with an outstanding thermal conductivity of 140 W/mK and electrical conductivity as low as 8 ohm-cm.

NAMICS MO Technology features:

  • Offers low-temperature (200oC), pressureless die attach process
  • Excellent thermal conductivity >> Similar performance as AuSn solders
  • Unmatched temperature cycling and MSL performance due to resin reinforcement
  • Low modulus technology and resin reinforcement allow for material adjustment for handling stress for a wide range of applications
  • Proven and ready for High Volume Manufacturing using dispensing or screen printing
  • Can be jet-dispensable!!!
  • Designed for both Au and Ag plating as well as bare copper substrates