thermal interface materials

To address the thermal demands of today’s leading-edge semiconductor devices, NAMICS has developed a portfolio of high conductive thermal interface materials (TIM) to meet a wide range of applications. These innovative materials provide exceptional heat dissipation for next generation semiconductor packages allowing designers to push the limits of the device capabilities.
Due to the uniqueness of each application, NAMICS offers a variety of solutions to handle both the current and future needs. In addition to providing unmatched thermal conductivity, these materials offer industry leading reliability and performance that is compatible with standard manufacturing processes. The end results are a collection of materials capable of meeting the consumer demand for higher product performance.

NAMICS offers three types of high conductive TIM

  • MO Technology
  • Fusion Technology
  • Conventional TIM

MO Technology

MO Technology is silver / metal organic compound developed by NAMICS.  When combined with dispersant and solvent, it  produces a pressure-less, low temperature sintering structure.

Fusion Technology

Fusion Technology combines thermoplastic powder (TP) with Ag filler to create a high thermal conductive adhesive with low modulus.

Property Overview