thermal interface materials

NAMICS’ Advanced Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) for high-power flip-chip BGA (FCBGA) packages offer high reliability on laminate FCBGA packages by dramatically reducing the temperature of dies. These cutting-edge materials are designed for fluxless process with low-temperature attach using screen printing for precise BLT control and coverage to meet High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) requirements.







Disruptive Technology >>> H9890 Offers for TIM1 Applications
High Performance TIM for Next Generation Flip Chip Package with need for better thermal performance on high power, high frequency packages. Designed for >100W Power Devices








  • High adhesion to Au and Ag surfaces
  • Unmatched thermal performance and reliability for large dies (>20 x 20 mm passing 1,000 cycles TCT, 144 hrs HAST, 1,000 hours 150C high-temperature storage)
  • Fluxless process and low temperature (200C) processing
  • Screen-printable for optimal BLT control and coverage
  • Ready for High Volume Manufacturing (HVM)