board level underfills

SECONDARY Underfills
NAMICS Secondary Underfills (SUF) are designed to help improve the reliability of solder joints on BGA and CSP package. These materials epoxy based with high Tg and modulus for excellent bump protection and fast curing for high volume manufacturing. To control CTE, the SUF are designed with a high loading of a specialized filler to lower CTE to balance the expansion mismatch between the BGA/CSP Package and the Substrate. The filler particle size is precisely controlled to allow fast flow under small gaps.

Disruptive Technology – Reworkable Secondary Underfill (SUF)
NAMICS’ Reworkable Secondary Underfill (SUF) ensure high reliability through temperature cycling, environmental testing and drop testing to meet stringent automotive standards and can easily be reworked with no residue or solder mask damage. They offer high volume throughput with fast flow at room temperature and quick curing.