capillary underfills for flip chip packages

Where things go “bump,” nobody protects you better than NAMICS.

NAMICS is the world’s leading supplier of capillary underfills for packaging level applications.  Underfills are an insulating material designed to flow under flip chip devices to reinforce bumps and mounting board.  The use of underfill for flip chips and reinforcement materials on CSP/BGA has increased rapidly as applications and reliability requirements have become more diversified.  We work closely with raw material suppliers to obtain the optimal resins and fillers combined optimal formulating techniques to meet our customer’s current and future requirements for advanced underfills.  Our diverse line of underfills are formulated to meet today’s demanding advanced packaging technologies, featuring:

Unmatched reliability for both lead-free solder bumps and Cu pillar

No resin bleed-out to minimize Keep Out Zone (KOZ)

Outstanding flow for faster throughput and ability to fill large die (greater than 20×20 mm) and narrow gap packages (less than 10 microns)

Optimize key properties for high reliability and protecting fragile low k coatings

High-thermal conductive version available for applications needing improved heat dissipation!

    Today’s cutting edge flip chip packages are utilizing larger, thinner dies with fragile low K coatings to meet the demand for next generation applications.

    NAMICS underfills are carefully formulated to provide maximum bump protection and protect critical low K coatings for the life of the part.

    Copper pillar technology rapid growth is due to the ability to shrink bump pitch and decrease node size for higher density packages. One challenge for underfills in a copper pillar package is filler separation or settling resulting in a resin rich area with high CTE.

    NAMICS underfills for copper pillar applications utilize proprietary filler technology to resist separation and provide superior reliability.

    Current and future technology is using higher package density decreasing distance between components requiring underfills to have low resin bleed out (RBO) combined with smaller fillets.

    Resin bleed occurs since the resin system will have a higher attraction to the surface.  Process like plasma cleaning will increase potential for resin bleed out.   NAMICS can dramatically reduce resin bleed out through increasing affinity of filler to resin system and special additive technology. 

    Growth of 2.1D, 2.5D and 3D packages requires underfills to flow under small, narrow gaps with finer pitch increasing the risk for voids due to filler entrapment in narrow gap.

    For fine pitch, narrow gap applications, filler size needs to be reduced to avoid entrapment however the smaller filler size results in significant increase in viscosity.  NAMICS balances the maximum filler loading of finer particles to easily fill narrow gap packages and provide void free fill and maintain key properties for a robust solution.

    Product NumberPb free bumpCu PillarNarrow GapLow KViscosityTgModulusCTE
    U8443-14YesNoYesYes10 Pa-sec135 C6.5 GPa42 ppm
    U8410-73CYesNoYesYes50 Pa-sec88 C11.5 GPa31 ppm
    U84310-73CF3YesYesYesYes33 Pa-sec88 C8.8 GPa31 ppm
    U8410-99YesNoNoYes50 Pa-sec100 C11.0 GPa29 ppm
    U8410-302YesYesYesYes55 Pa-sec95 C12.0 GPa22 ppm
    U8410-314YesYesYesYes15 Pa-sec128 C8.3 GPa30 ppm
    U8439-1YesNoNoYes60 Pa-sec70 C8.0 GPa36 ppm
    U8439-105YesNoYesYes55 Pa-sec70 C8.5 GPa34 ppm

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