capillary underfills

NAMICS is the world leading supplier of capillary underfills for packaging level applications. NAMNICS’ Flip Chip Underfills are an insulating material used to reinforce bumps on flip chip devices and flow under the device by capillary action between an IC chip circuit with conductive bumps and a mounting board. NAMICS has developed an extensive lineup of products in response to the demands towards of flip chip packaging, featuring:

  • No resin bleed-out to minimize Keep Out Zone (KOZ)
  • Unmatched reliability for both lead-free solder bumps and Cu pillar.
  • Outstanding flow for faster throughput and ability to fill large die (greater than 20×20 mm) and narrow gap packages (less than 10 microns)
  • Optimize key properties for high reliability and protecting fragile low k coatings.
  • High-thermal conductive version available for applications needing improved heat dissipation!