liquid sealants

Liquid sealants are used as protective coatings for mounted semiconductor devices, and for filling under-chip space by capillary action when creating thin packages.

Flip Chip Underfill (UF)
Flip Chip Underfill is an insulating material used in mounting technologies involving direct electrical connections. Underfill flows by capillary action into the gap between an IC chip circuit with conductive bumps and a mounting board by capillary action. NAMICS has developed an extensive lineup of products in response to the demands towards of flip chip packaging. Some typical applications include CPU, LSI, and Graphic Devices. Custom formulated materials are also available for user specific applications. LEARN MORE

Chip-on-Film Underfill (COF)
Chip-on-Film Underfill is used for flexible substrates as insulating material used in mounting technologies involving direct electrical connections between IC chips and mounting boards. Chip-on-Film Underfill has the ability to fill fine gaps and provides outstanding moisture resistance. LEARN MORE


CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill (SUF)
CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill is used for filling and sealing spaces by capillary action when doing secondary mounting of Packaged Chips to a Motherboard. CSP/BGA Board Level Underfill material improves thermal cycle performance and enhances impact resistance (drop-test qualification). LEARN MORE

Dam-and-Fill Encapsulant
Dam-and-Fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device as an electrically insulating material. Dispensing a high-viscosity dam followed by a low-viscosity fill, will create a completed encapsulated package for your CSP and BGA. Dam-and-Fill materials offer high package reliability and reduced warpage.  LEARN MORE


Chip resistor protective coating
An insulating material that acts as a protective coating (G2) for chip resistors. This material has excellent printability and moisture resistance.  LEARN MORE