materials for substrate

Substrate adhesives are used when joining upper and lower substrates, such as build-up printed wiring boards, which do not conduct electricity.

Insulating Resin Film for Circuits and Substrates
This is an unreacted thermosetting resin film which provides high adhesion and high heat resistance. This insulating thin film is available in thicknesses of 5-30µm. It has a low dielectric constant and a low dissipation factor in GHz frequency range. It has excellent fluidity which allows it to adapt to the concavity or convexity of surfaces under low temperature and low pressure. It has multiple uses, such as MEMS and processing materials, cover-lay, interlayer dielectric film, and buildup material. Laser and plating processes are also available. LEARN MORE

Insulating high thermally conductive film for heatsinks
Insulating adhesive film is suitable for bonding heatsinks. It has the capability of adhering on irregular surfaces because it becomes flexible when heated. LEARN MORE

Solvent removable film for MEMS
A material for MEMS processing. It is dissolvable after curing and can be removed without physical stress. LEARN MORE