NAMICS dam and fill encapsulants continue to protect sensitive packages

Dam and fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device with an electrically insulating material. Dam and fill is a two-part process consisting of a high viscosity dam material being dispensed first, followed by dispensing lower viscosity fill material in the well made by the dam material. These products offer excellent moisture protection, very low stress, and high Tg to meet high reliability application

For over twenty years dam and fill encapsulants have protected fragile integrated circuits (IC) and wire bonds. In 1995 NAMICS Corporation developed and commercialized their first dam and fill, G8345D and G8345-6 respectively. At that time, IC’s did not have the high I/O wire bonds that today’s IC’s have. These products perfumed admirably for ten years but with package miniaturization wire bond pitch tightened.
In early 2006 NAMICS Corporation responded to its customers’ needs and developed G8345D-37 and G8345-29. These products have a much smaller mean and maximum particle sizes in order to flow in between the wire bonds. Due to the European Union’s REACH raw material demands, in 2016 NAMICS developed G8345D-46 and G8345-146. These products have the same fine fillers present in G8345D-37 and G8345-29 but they do not contain raw materials on the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) list. G8345D-46 and G8345- 146 can be used in the European Union or anywhere there is concern about SVHC materials.

NAMICS Corporation is a technology and development company. NAMICS modifies existing products and develops new products based on the customers’ needs. For over twenty years NAMICS has been committed to the dam and fill market, developing new products as needed. Product development continues as new and exciting dam and fills are being developed.

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