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NAMICS’ Upcoming 2021 Conference Presentations

NAMICS has been a leader in the semiconductor adhesive industry for over 75 years. Our adhesives have been used in a variety of settings, including in automotive systems. We will be sharing our expert advice in advanced materials for automotive applications at two upcoming events. Read on to learn more about these events and how you can register for our talks.

April 2021 Talk (Online)
“Advanced Materials for Automotive System-in-Package (SiP) Applications” 

Event: 17th Annual Device Packaging Conference (DPC 2021)

Conference Date: April 12-15, 2021

Location: Online (will be available on demand for 30 days)

Where to Register for this Event:

About DPC 2021: DPC 2021 is an online, global event organized by the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS). The conference unites industry and academia to exchange knowledge regarding microelectronics manufacture and packaging. People who will benefit from this conference include scientists, process engineers, product engineers, manufacturing engineers, professors, students, business managers, and sales & marketing professionals.

Topic of NAMICS’ talk: Advanced Materials for Automotive SiP Applications.  NAMICS will be discussing our latest innovative materials for SiP (System-in-Package) applications for the automotive market.  System in Package (SiP) technology combines multiple advanced packaging technologies to create a customized solution with higher performance, in a cost-effective fashion, to meet growing demand for automobile electronic systems.

July 2021 Talk (Detroit, MI, USA)
“Functional Materials for Automotive Applications”
Event: Automotive Plastics & Advanced Composites 2021 Exhibition and Conference

Conference Date: July 29-30, 2021

Location: Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Riverfront Hotel, Detroit, Michigan, USA

NAMICS’ Talk Date and Time: Thursday, July 29th, 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Where to Register for this Event:

About 2021 Automotive Plastics and Advanced Composites Conference: Advanced materials developers meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Detroit, Michigan to explore the latest innovations in plastics and advanced composites for the automotive industry.

Topic of NAMICS’ talk: Introduction of stretchable functional pastes for interior automotive application.  NAMICS will be introducing our new, stretchable and functional pastes designed for automotive interiors. We make functional inks that can be used to add electrical functionality for plastic surfaces. Our products help create smart surfaces for use in cars, trucks, SUVs, and other automobile applications, either on flexible substrates or used for in-mold electronic (IME) applications.

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Meaning of NAMICS

NAMICS is our company’s name. It also represents our values and corporate philosophy. NAMICS is an acronym for Nature, Art, Mutual prosperity, Innovation, Creativity, and Sensitivity. Keep reading to learn more about the different aspects of NAMICS’ name.

Nature & Art

NAMICS promotes harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind. While NAMICS’ key focus is developing chemicals for the semiconductor and electronics market, we do so with the environment in mind. Our headquarters, factory, and technical center are surrounded by rich harvest fields and vibrant fishing industry. Protection of these vital natural resources is paramount for NAMICS.

Since November 2003, NAMICS has acquired and maintained an ISO14001 certificate as the cornerstone of our environmental management system. Our goal is to actively promote environmental conservation activities through waste recycling, energy conservation, green procurement, and pollution protection.

One of our key goals, since NAMICS’ inception, is environmental protection. That’s why we offer environmental training for our employees. We also offer environmentally-conscious product development: our products are lead-free and have a long shelf life to reduce waste. We do not use harmful substances and our products are compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) guidelines. Our green procurement standards – the purchasing criteria we use to help mitigate environmental impacts – are also focused on selecting products with minimal environmental impact.

Our facilities are also designed with environmental sustainability in mind – they are designed to maintain clean water and fresh air to our local environment. We minimize our daily energy use with an annual energy savings plan. We also reduce waste through recycling of generated waste products.

Mutual Prosperity

Mutual prosperity is the “M” in NAMICS. Collaboration is essential to our work in the high-tech industry. We work with industry and universities to develop next-generation materials. Through these partnerships, NAMICS provides solutions for our customers and creates new, valuable technology.


Innovation is central to NAMICS and key to the semiconductor and electronics market.  High-tech companies are focused on reducing design time and need innovative solutions to make their next-generation ideas come to life. We own over 380 patent registrations in 10 countries. 30% of our employees are engineers. 10% of annual sales are invested in research and development (R&D) at NAMICS.


Originality and imagination are foundational to the NAMICS approach to product development. We analyze industry needs and trends to anticipate future changes.

We contribute to the innovation of manufacturing in Japan using both innovative and flexible technologies. The new products developed by NAMICS represent 40% of sales in recent years. Engineers are encouraged to participate in academic conferences both in Japan and abroad. To help NAMICS maintain its place as a leading supplier to the industry, we challenge ourselves to innovate. We create over 300 new R&D projects every year.


NAMICS is an R&D-oriented company requiring a logical way of thinking. However, that is not all – a global perspective and flexible thinking are also critical. Because we create entirely new things that are not in already there in the world, things like technical possibilities, efficiency of production, or cost-effectiveness sometimes take a backseat to “thinking big.” Expressing ideals and talking about dreams — so to speak, being able to freely ideate – is also required to come up with our next great product.

Sensitivity deals with noticing the nuances – whether cultural, geographic, or other details – that can be helpful in tackling big challenges. Sensitivity is needed to understand how to perceive an event, how to recognize the problem, and how to sense the emotions of others. Sensitivity leads to communication skills and is the backbone of human resource education.

NAMICS is committed to promoting cultural sensitivity via expansion of overseas deployment. Our human resources team possesses knowledge of foreign languages, cultures, and values. We have a nuanced knowledge of intellectual property rights management, including the acquisition of patents and trademark rights, and continue to promote our employees to continue their education. We believe that a wide range of knowledge and experience, flexible thinking, and a willingness to tackle difficult challenges will shape the next generation of NAMICS.


NAMICS’ name is a representation of our company values. We promote an environmentally-sustainable mode of innovation which draws on partnerships. Our creative approach to product development takes into account cultural factors and “thinking big” to help facilitate technological breakthroughs in our field.

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NAMICS New Adhesive Enables Next-Generation, Flexible Hybrid Electronics

NAMICS New Adhesive Enables Next-Generation, Flexible Hybrid Electronics

For over 70 years, NAMICS has been a global technology leader in advanced materials used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. We are excited to announce our newest product, H9230D, a stretchable conductive adhesive. This new material is designed for flexible hybrid electronics – a new and exciting area in electronics which boasts both flexibility of lightweight and thin circuit boards, as well as the processing power of semiconductors.

What Are Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE)?

Hybrid electronics are a new growing area of the electronics industry, powered by increasing demand from consumers for more wearable and flexible products, as well as demands from industry to enable new applications. Flexible hybrid electronics have created a broad range of new applications across many industry segments, including the Internet of Things (IoT), smart buildings, healthcare, product packaging, retail, consumer electronics (including wearable devices), automotive, aerospace, and other emerging chip markets.
Specific applications of flexible hybrid electronics include touch control, lighting, sensors, low-frequency wireless devices, and innovative signage, including solar-powered and flexible displays.

What Are the Benefits of NAMICS’ New Adhesive, H9230D, for FHE?

H9230D is a new stretchable, conductive adhesive that is used to mount rigid components onto flexible hybrid substrates while providing an electrically conductive path. Our H9230D was designed for attaching components such as LEDs, capacitors, and small chips to flexible substrates. New component attachment materials are needed for flexible electronic devices which, because they are mounted on soft, flexible substrates, and require materials to be ductile.

One challenge in fabrication of FHE is temperature limitations which mean that conventional soldering can damage the electrical components. Because the thin, low-cost substrates used in FHE are temperature-sensitive, soldering must be done in a way that allows for heat dissipation. This can add complexity to the FHE manufacturing process.

H9230D provides an ideal alternative to solder for FHE applications. While adhesives must be cured, the temperature requirements for affixing conductive adhesives are much lower than they are for soldering.

Other features of H9230D include:

• Very low modulus, capable of 3x elongation compared to standard conductive adhesives

• High adhesion strength at low temperatures (e.g., 70C for temperature-sensitive substrates, or snap-cured at 100C for 5 minutes).

• Excellent reliability, withstanding temperature cycle and high humidity testing

• Solvent-free, with very low shrinkage and no voiding

• Designed for high volume manufacturing

• Easy dispensing using standard equipment

• Long pot life of 24 hours

NAMICS H9230D makes next-generation flexible hybrid electronics possible.

Need a sample?

Contact NAMICS to arrange a no charge sample for your evaluation.

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NAMICS stretchable inks for IME (In-Mold Electronics)

As technology evolves, so does the need for components that can facilitate innovation. With today’s focus on smart surfaces, advanced techniques and materials are what makes it all possible. Printed electronics make such advances possible, eliminating the need for large, bulky, multi-part circuitry, but the benefits don’t stop there.

In-Mold Electronics (IMEs) are 70 percent lighter than conventionally-manufactured electronics. Since there are no buttons and wires, the potential for breakage is significantly decreased, making IME parts more durable.

In addition to a 30 percent reduction in production costs, manufacturers enjoy a shorter assembly time and an almost infinite number of new design possibilities for applications that include automotive, medical, appliances, wearables, smart home consumer technology, and much more besides. 

Benefits of Stretchable Inks

In the area of stretchable inks for IME applications, NAMICS is leading the way. Our superior functional inks offer leading class stretch performance that outshines our competitor’s versions.

Compared to competitor’s inks, NAMICS inks showed minimal resistance change after forming, with no noticeable cracks or deformation. With excellent adhesion and compatibility to polycarbonate substrates, our functional inks are designed for standard printing equipment with quick drying times and are capable of deep drawing and forming configurations that results in a high manufacturing output.

Other benefits include:

  • Parts are lightweight and efficient, featuring up to 90 percent less depth and 80 percent less weight
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to update production processes, both cosmetic and electrical
  • Mass-production ready, ideal for high-speed manufacturing equipment

Industry-Leading Innovation

Far from a new player in this space, NAMICS has been innovating for more than 70 years. Our new line of functional inks is designed for smart technology, providing a way to make the next generation of smart surfaces possible.

Our stretchable inks include both silver and carbon-based conductive inks and dielectric inks suitable for a range of electronic applications, giving designers and engineers a platform to ideate and bring new products to market quickly, setting the standard for future innovation.

Leading Class Stretch Performance

With the growing demand for smarter, more compact, affordable, and portable tech, stretchable inks are fast becoming an essential manufacturing tool.

As an industry leader in this area, NAMICS continues to outperform, providing companies with the technology they need to push the boundaries of innovation and open up new possibilities that, even in recent times, have been unattainable due to cost, durability, and reliability concerns.

Our stretchable inks include:

  • Silver (Ag) conductive inks, XE181 series, offering high electrical conductivity to create the necessary electrical connections
  • Carbon-based conductive inks, XE182 series, that can be used to protect Ag conductive inks in highly moisture-resistant environments, or to create simple PTC (Positive Temperature Control) heaters with low voltage
  • Dielectric inks, XE185 series, that feature a uniform, pinhole-free layer with high insulation, allowing crossover layers or insulating Ag conductive ink layers

NAMICS also offers a Conductive Bonding Adhesive, H9230 series, for bonding rigid components to the interconnects.

To learn more about NAMICS, stretchable inks, and how we can become your innovation partner, reach out today.


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