2019 WEAR Conference

NAMICS will be exhibiting at the upcoming WEAR Conference at the Westin Bellevue in Seattle, Washington, June 19th to 21st. Looking forward to discussing our diverse line of innovative stretchable materials for interconnects, heating and bonding on flexible substrate.

Stop by to learn how NAMICS can provide a solution for your flexible needs. #smartfabric #wearable #flexible #materials #conductivity #innovation

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IMAPS Announces 2018 Society Awards

Congratulations to Osamu Suzuki from NAMICS Corporation being named a Fellow of Society from IMAPS.  Suzuki-san earn this distinction due to his technical contribution to electronics packaging,  years of dedication and support of IMAPS in multiple leadership roles and numerous contributions to the organization worldwide.


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Spray-able electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding material

NAMICS has developed a spray-able material with high shielding capability to replace the need to use sputtering equipment for high volume manufacturing requires high capital investment cost and slow production speeds.  This material offers a thin, uniform coating on both the top and side walls of the package to both molded and copper surfaces.  The formulation offers excellent work-ability with long, stable work life (over 24 hours) and different spray technologies.

NAMICS EMI shielding technology provides a simplified process with easy production and maximum design flexibility offering excellent adhesion strength and high shielding at very thin coatings (less than 5 um).


  • XH9493-50 is a thermosetting EMI shielding paste with high shielding capability.
  • Customization is possible to accommodate various spray equipment and applications.
  • Please contact us to arrange for samples designed for your equipment and application.

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NAMICS latest generation of reworkable underfill

Does your BGA or CSP need a underfill with reworkablity and reliability?  Come visit us at booth #213 at the IMAPS 2018 in Pasadena this week to learn about our latest generation of reworkable underfills.  These materials protect temperature sensitive components because they offer high flow rate at room temperature and low temperature cure (as low as 80C).

Flow at room temperature

NAMICS reworkable underfill offer unmatched reliability due to precisely control of filler content and state of the art resin system.  End result is the perfect balance of reliability and reworkability.  These underfills offer outstanding performance in thermal cycling and thermal shock, drop test and other demanding requirements for the most challenging applications.

For more information on the conference and expo, visit

#reworkable #underfill #epoxy #microelectronicpackaging #BGA #CSP

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NAMICS to exhibit at IMAPS 2018

Stop by NAMICS Corporation booth #213 at the upcoming IMAPS 2018 in Pasadena on October 9th thru October 10th.  Learn about:

  • Latest generation of underfills including high reliability, reworkable underfills and high thermal conductive underfill
  • High performance TIM for high power flip chip packaging
  • Sprayable EMI shielding materials
  • Pressure-less, low temperature sintering technology
  • Stretchable materials for wearable and flexible hybrid electronics (FHE)

Stop by to learn how NAMICS can provide a solution for microelectronic packaging needs. #underfill #dieattach #microelectronicspackaging #staycool #reworkable #wearable #fhe #imaps

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NAMICS dam and fill encapsulants continue to protect sensitive packages

Dam and fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device with an electrically insulating material. Dam and fill is a two-part process consisting of a high viscosity dam material being dispensed first, followed by dispensing lower viscosity fill material in the well made by the dam material. These products offer excellent moisture protection, very low stress, and high Tg to meet high reliability application

For over twenty years dam and fill encapsulants have protected fragile integrated circuits (IC) and wire bonds. In 1995 NAMICS Corporation developed and commercialized their first dam and fill, G8345D and G8345-6 respectively. At that time, IC’s did not have the high I/O wire bonds that today’s IC’s have. These products perfumed admirably for ten years but with package miniaturization wire bond pitch tightened.
In early 2006 NAMICS Corporation responded to its customers’ needs and developed G8345D-37 and G8345-29. These products have a much smaller mean and maximum particle sizes in order to flow in between the wire bonds. Due to the European Union’s REACH raw material demands, in 2016 NAMICS developed G8345D-46 and G8345-146. These products have the same fine fillers present in G8345D-37 and G8345-29 but they do not contain raw materials on the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) list. G8345D-46 and G8345- 146 can be used in the European Union or anywhere there is concern about SVHC materials.

NAMICS Corporation is a technology and development company. NAMICS modifies existing products and develops new products based on the customers’ needs. For over twenty years NAMICS has been committed to the dam and fill market, developing new products as needed. Product development continues as new and exciting dam and fills are being developed.

If you want to know more about NAMICS dam and fills please visit CHIPCOAT dam and fills. If you want more information, such as data sheets, please call Marie Roy at (978) 499-0900 or email her at Marie will fulfill your request and direct you to the best person to assist you

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NAMICS Corporation develops improved sintered silver adhesive

NAMICS Corporation has developed a sintered silver die attach paste (UNIMEC H9890-6A) for the semiconductor market. UNIMEC H9890-6A is a low-temperature sintered die attach paste using the Metallo-Organic (MO) technology. This high thermal conductive paste does not require pressure while curing, and the porous sintered structure has been reinforced by a proprietary resin system. This material has been developed for replacing eutectic solders offering the same thermal performance as AuSn solder.

UNIMEC H9890-6A has passed both NASA Outgassing and MIL-STD-883 testing. UNIMEC H9890-6A can be applied using needle or auger dispensing, but it also can be jetted. For screen printing applications, NAMICS offers XH9890-7A. UNIMEC XH9890-7A has similar thermal properties to H9890-6A but the rheology has been tailored for screen printing.

UNIMEC H9890-6A is in full production and is available for sampling. Standard packaging is frozen syringes with 10 grams in a 5cc syringe; larger syringes are available. To find out more about these NAMICS sintered silver materials, please visit this link or contact your local NAMICS sales representative.

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NAMICS Corporation develops improved dam-and-fill encapsulants.

G8354D (Dam)

G8345D & G8345-6 (Dam & Fill)

G8345D & G8345-6 (Dam & Fill)

NAMICS Corporation has developed an epoxy dam material (CHIPCOAT G8345D) and an accompanying epoxy fill material (CHIPCOAT G8345-6) for the semiconductor market. Dam-and-Fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device as an electrically insulating material. Dispensing a high-viscosity dam followed by a low-viscosity fill, will create a completed encapsulated package for your CSP and BGA. CHIPCOAT G8345D and G8345-6 are fast curing, low CTE (low stress), offer high package reliability and reduced warpage.

CHIPCOAT G8345D and G8345-6 are in full production and are available for sampling. Standard packaging is frozen syringes with 50 grams in a 30cc syringe; larger cartridges are available. To find out more about these NAMICS Dam-and-Fill materials, please visit this link or contact your local NAMICS sales representative.

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New safeguards to prevent the use of counterfeit NAMICS Products

December 27, 2017: Recently, we determined that counterfeit products with the NAMICS logo have been sold illegally in some overseas countries.

The NAMICS logo and trademarks are used on the counterfeit products without our permission. However, it is difficult to determine from their appearance whether the products are genuine NAMICS products or counterfeit.

Therefore, to prevent acquiring counterfeit products, please purchase NAMICS products only through our sales office, overseas sales subsidiaries or designated sales agencies.

Please contact our sales office or sales subsidiaries to verify our designated sales agencies. You can also check the NAMICS authorized global network on our website at:


If you have any questions, please contact us through our website at:

We appreciate your business and look forwarding to supporting your needs with genuine Namics Products.

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