Spray-able electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding material

NAMICS has developed a spray-able material with high shielding capability to replace the need to use sputtering equipment for high volume manufacturing requires high capital investment cost and slow production speeds.  This material offers a thin, uniform coating on both the top and side walls of the package to both molded and copper surfaces.  The formulation offers excellent work-ability with long, stable work life (over 24 hours) and different spray technologies.

NAMICS EMI shielding technology provides a simplified process with easy production and maximum design flexibility offering excellent adhesion strength and high shielding at very thin coatings (less than 5 um).


  • XH9493-50 is a thermosetting EMI shielding paste with high shielding capability.
  • Customization is possible to accommodate various spray equipment and applications.
  • Please contact us to arrange for samples designed for your equipment and application.