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NAMICS dam and fill encapsulants continue to protect sensitive packages

Dam and fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device with an electrically insulating material. Dam and fill is a two-part process consisting of a high viscosity dam material being dispensed first, followed by dispensing lower viscosity fill material in the well made by the dam material. These products offer excellent moisture protection, very low stress, […]

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NAMICS Corporation develops improved dam-and-fill encapsulants.

NAMICS Corporation has developed an epoxy dam material (CHIPCOAT G8345D) and an accompanying epoxy fill material (CHIPCOAT G8345-6) for the semiconductor market. Dam-and-Fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device as an electrically insulating material. Dispensing a high-viscosity dam followed by a low-viscosity fill, will create a completed encapsulated package for your CSP and BGA. CHIPCOAT […]

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