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NAMICS Corporation develops improved dam-and-fill encapsulants.

G8354D (Dam)

G8345D & G8345-6 (Dam & Fill)

G8345D & G8345-6 (Dam & Fill)

NAMICS Corporation has developed an epoxy dam material (CHIPCOAT G8345D) and an accompanying epoxy fill material (CHIPCOAT G8345-6) for the semiconductor market. Dam-and-Fill materials encapsulate your wire bonded device as an electrically insulating material. Dispensing a high-viscosity dam followed by a low-viscosity fill, will create a completed encapsulated package for your CSP and BGA. CHIPCOAT G8345D and G8345-6 are fast curing, low CTE (low stress), offer high package reliability and reduced warpage.

CHIPCOAT G8345D and G8345-6 are in full production and are available for sampling. Standard packaging is frozen syringes with 50 grams in a 30cc syringe; larger cartridges are available. To find out more about these NAMICS Dam-and-Fill materials, please visit this link or contact your local NAMICS sales representative.

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