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NAMICS Corporation develops improved sintered silver adhesive

NAMICS Corporation has developed a sintered silver die attach paste (UNIMEC H9890-6A) for the semiconductor market. UNIMEC H9890-6A is a low-temperature sintered die attach paste using the Metallo-Organic (MO) technology. This high thermal conductive paste does not require pressure while curing, and the porous sintered structure has been reinforced by a proprietary resin system. This material has been developed for replacing eutectic solders offering the same thermal performance as AuSn solder.

UNIMEC H9890-6A has passed both NASA Outgassing and MIL-STD-883 testing. UNIMEC H9890-6A can be applied using needle or auger dispensing, but it also can be jetted. For screen printing applications, NAMICS offers XH9890-7A. UNIMEC XH9890-7A has similar thermal properties to H9890-6A but the rheology has been tailored for screen printing.

UNIMEC H9890-6A is in full production and is available for sampling. Standard packaging is frozen syringes with 10 grams in a 5cc syringe; larger syringes are available. To find out more about these NAMICS sintered silver materials, please visit this link or contact your local NAMICS sales representative.

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