stretchable conductive pastes

Stretchable Conductive Pastes

Vital organ sensors can be embedded in clothing.

NAMICS has developed polymer thick film conductive pastes which have very low resistivity and excellent performance when stretched. There are no boundaries on the possibilities for our new stretchable pastes and inks. Whether you’re developing high-performance “smart” uniforms for the military and first-responders, or designing cutting-edge diagnostic garments for medical patients and athletes, NAMICS® will provide your company with the solutions that carry your ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace.

Stretch your imagination to discover the limitless potential of our pastes.

In circuit trace applications our conductive pastes can provide less than 3×10-5 W·cm with a 120 degree C cure. They retain conductivity after 100% elongation and 1,000 repeated stretches with a 10% stroke. The materials are designed for applications such as smart clothing with embedded vital organ sensors and flexible hybrid electronics.

In addition to materials for stretchable circuit traces, we have developed stretchable conductive adhesives, stretchable over-coats, and stretchable carbon pastes. NAMICS provides a full range of solutions for stretchable applications. LEARN MORE